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About Us


Android Spy Software is dealing in safety and devices with increasing use of new technology, the application will we provide is to maintain and safe your security. Application will execute on every android os. we are constant improving our application cause of more crimes, betrayals, and more, with our application we reduce the number of cheating case or child safty.

One of the best software companies which provide Spy-Phone software for employee or kids monitoring. At here, our goal is to focus on improving business results through technology and provide solutions transparently. We always help clients find ways to succeed in today’s fast growing business world.

What is android spy software?

Android Spy is application software that aims to gather information about a person/organization/employee without their knowledge, the monitored infromation can view anywhere & anytime by 24/7 without the consumer's knoweldge.

Why android spy?

It is competible to my mobile?

In Order to use Android Spy software is to track someone's activity, location, Record calls to ensure that your child, employee or person who cheat on you or not. Yes, and it is competible with all major android phones.

Software features

Whatsapp spy, Facebook Spy, Instagram Spy, Location Tracking, Web history, SD card Access, Photo & Video Acess, Contacts & Messages Access and many more included in Android Spy Software.

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